ZEC is Here to Stay – Crypto Recorder $ZEC

It has been more than several weeks since ZCash released one of the most important updates within their roadmap by far.

As Sapling is officially released, the value of ZEC slightly gained on the positive momentum, however, the crypto is far from its all-time high as set back in 2016.

ZCash is currently following up with the latest trend in the market which allowed it to touch the value if 128 in less than 12 hours after previously being traded at 124$.

ZEC gained more than 7% against the dollar in the last 24 hours, showing signs of recovering while recollecting gains. That allowed the crypto to enter the green while rising by over 10% in the last seven days

ZCash (ZEC) is Showing Clear Signs of Recovery

ZCash is definitely showing major signs of recovery as the crypto was traded at the price of 109$ back on October 12th and within three weeks ZCash is valued at the price of 128$.

ZCash released Sapling weeks ago, deemed to be the most significant update released by the team. What ZCash brings to the world of privacy coins is what brought this currency to the list of top 20 top crypto assets.

As of the most recent case, ZCash managed to get back to the list of top 20 currencies, also introducing ZEC holders and users to Shielded Addresses.

Shielded Addresses alongside Sapling update are turning ZEC into a privacy coin of an enhanced security, as shielded addresses are designed to protect all transaction data hand in hand with the principle of privacy, and ultimate blockchain-based security.

Even though ZEC was traded at the price of over 4,000$ two years back from that point on losing -96% of its value, ZCash simply represents an asset too valuable to disappear.

So, despite the frequent dips that have cut the value of ZEC, with signs of an evident recovery ZEC seems to be here to stay.