VeChain Thor (VET) Dapps to Become Available on the Internet with Comet – Crypto Recorder $VEN

VeChain shared a very important announcement posted on Twitter by Totient Labs on November 8th.

The post came out today with rather significant news, stating that Comet, a web-based wallet, is bringing VeChain Thor decentralized applications to the internet, that way having VET Dapps become more available to the general public, also increasing the accessibility of VeChain Thor Dapps.

VeChain (VET) Dapps to Become More Accessible with Comet by Totient Labs

Totient Labs shared the news on November 8th about Comet setting VeChain Thor Dapps as more accessible to an average user through making these decentralized applications available through your browser.

In the post, Totient Labs representatives stated that VeChain Thor Dapps will now be available through Comet web wallet.

Totient Labs are involved in blockchain innovation and activist investing, having been founded by three blockchain veterans who are experienced in business innovation, development, consulting, compliance, information security, and of course, blockchain development.

The team representatives also published an official press release on Medium, describing Comet as a web-based wallet that is set to make VeChain Thor Dapps available through your browser.

This should be enabled through a direct communication between the web-based wallet, Comet, and VeChain Thor network.

How Will VeChain Benefit From Comet/Totient Labs Cooperation?

Since Comet is set to enable direct communication with the network VeChain Thor, that way enabling developers interested in building Dapps on VeChain Thor to easily develop and distribute their decentralized applications.

Totient Labs describes Dapps as more “secure and transparent solutions” in oppose to centralized applications, providing recognition for VeChain Thor as an innovative and transformative blockchain-based platform for Dapp creation.

With Comet, developing and distributing of Dapps will be made simple and direct, which should consequently attract more developers to go for VeChain Thor as their Dapp network of choice.