Tron(TRX) will eradicate the power of the genesis representative to decentralize $TRX

On Tron’s independence day, 25th of June, a group of representatives were made to launch the genesis block. This group of representatives were known as Tron Independent Group. It consisted of 27 anonymous, volunteer representatives who were a community, consensus-based group.

Their duties were

  •     To Provide TRX migration for Super Representatives with a fast track
  •     Providing major exchanges with exchange services to support TRX token migration
  •     They were entrusted with the 342 million TRX held by TRON foundation and stored them in a distributed manner to reduce risk
  •     To Organize the 12-hour livestream during the Independence Day
  •     To hand out a small number of TRX during the 12-hr live stream so the members of the TRON community could test the different features of TRON Mainnet

Marcus Zhao, leader of Tron’s public chain division announced that the proposal to remove the power of the Genesis Representatives will be approved. He made the announcement via twitter as can be seen below.

This is a second vote with the first one being disapproved after failing to achieve the required 19 votes from the super representatives, the first attempt was made in October which got only 16 votes. The new vote to remove the power of the Genesis Representatives already has 20. It has passed the 19 required ‘Yes’ votes and will be approved.

A super representative on the Tron network called Sesameseed recently published a post which explored the effects of the removal of Group Representatives. He said that the action to remove will be very hard as it is hardcoded into the proposal itself.

The removal of Group representatives will benefit the decentralized network as there will be additional candidate rewards to support the Representatives and the candidates in the network. This will also bring in additional competition amongst all super representatives.

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