Latest EOS price and analysis (EOS to USD) $EOS

The latest EOS price is US$5.88. Today (9/10/18 13:02) the price has fallen by 1.02%, during this week risen by 2.67% and during this month risen by 3.10%.

Latest EOS price commentary

Unlike most Alt coins EOS reached its ATH in April instead of January this year. This was pump was hype around the end of its year-long ICO. At the moment the price seems to be consolidating from a double bottom around $4, with price currently trapped between the 50 and 100-day moving averages.

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About EOS

The EOSIO platform was developed by private company and released as open source software on 2nd June 2018. One billion tokens are being distributed on the Ethereum blockchain by EOS is based on a white paper published in 2017 and the CEO of (Brendan Blumer) announced it will be supported with over $1 billion.

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