Bitfinex’s ETHFinex Ethereum Trading Exchange Gives Away 2 Ledger Nano S Wallets $NANO

Bitfinex's ETHFinex Ethereum Trading Exchange Gives Away 2 Ledger Nano S Wallets

ETHFinex Gives Away 2 Ledger Nano S Wallets

Ethfinex has recently announced a new promotional giveaway of the company on Twitter. Ethfinex is an Ethereum-based company that was launched by Bitfinex in September 2018 and, possibly as a way to draw some attention to the company, they decided to distribute products.

This platform has stated that they will be giving away two Ledgher Nano S wallets across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. There are no sponsors for the event, as it is only a promotional activity from the company.

Ethfinex has also affirmed that the contest will run until Friday (October 12) and that anyone can participate by simply subscribing.

About Ethfinex

Originally, Ethfinex was built for ETH-based tokens but it was decided soon after that the platform would support multiple cryptos like Tron, Contentos and ContentBox. You can also use fiat currencies like EUR, JPY and GBP, not only USD on the exchange.

The main reason why this company was created was to give the users a platform that could solve the purpose of a decentralized crypto exchange. As Ethfinex gives the users the option to trade on a centralized platform with on-chain trading activities and also in a decentralized way, it is certainly useful.

At the moment, Ethfinex has a total trading volume of over $3.6 million USD and its top 5 trading pairs are OmiseGo (OMG/USD), Ox (ZRX/USD), Eidoo (EDO/USD), Dai (DAI/USD) and DAI/BTC.

It is also important to notice that there is an internal policy in the company that all the assets listed on Ethfinex are also listed on Bifinex and most of them are listed via a Community Voting List Vote. The last round was won by ContentBox, Contentos and VideoCoin.