Why the partnership between Verge Currency (XVG) and CryptoPlanet.store will be a big success – Crypto Recorder $XVG

Verge Foundation is making headlines after seeing the company make yet another big partnership after their earlier failures on the field. The recent partnership to CryptoPlanet.store, a payment company, is set to boost the overall adoption of the privacy coin as crypto payments are integrated into stores globally.

The Verge currency (XVG) has just announced collaboration with WorldCryptoShop; enabling XVG coin holders make payments for goods on cryptoplanet.store. The online store gives customers access to a wide range of products such as clothing, electronics, bags and many more. The collaboration gives the verge a push towards its mission of bringing blockchain into everyday life through peer to peer, quick, efficient and private transaction settlements. The Cryptoplanet store facilitates blockchain projects to achieve mass adoption by allowing users access to quality products paid for in digital currency. Some of the main benefits XVG users are set to enjoy include secure payments and settlement, returns and refunds and free shipping anywhere in the world and more.

Other venders that recently began accepting the Verge currency include Whale Apparel, Wooden Timepiece, International Pizza & Burgers, Sheldon store, Token Business, Earea, Tree of Life Guitars and TraineAU. Whale Apparel is a new store rooted in decentralization. It currently accepts payments in a variety of digital currencies but has a preference for the Verge coin. A 10% discount is available for XVG buyers on the store.

These stores allow XVG to purchase products from handcrafted watches, musical instruments, meals at restaurants, remote infrastructure services such as Web-hosting and virtual servers and many more. Over 200 mobile providers in 139 countries also allow users to top up the phones with XVG coins.

Verge (XVG) coins have also been listed on several new exchanges, further increasing it liquidity and improving access. ChangeNow.io added XVG to its listing making it possible to exchange the coin for 150 other digital currencies on the platform. CoinSoda, Anycoin Direct and Swap Lab are the other exchanges on which XVG has listed recently. Swap Lab for instance, will allow XVG holders to swap their coins for Bitcoin and more than 51 other altcoins on its platform. It is also set to accept Visa and MasterCard purchases by October.

Verge is undertaking a number of projects aimed at improving different areas of its ecosystem. The development of the XVGui miner for windows, the official mining pool and mining guide are in progress. Work on rebasing coin’s codebase to incorporate the newest standards shared by bitcoin is almost complete. Ring Confidential Transactions, an advanced masking of transaction amounts and RSK Smart Contract are at different stages of integration onto the XVG platform.

On the trading desk, Verge (XVG) coin has continued to depreciate losing more than 10% in the last 24 hours. The coin is trading at its lowest valuation for the year with a market capitalization USD 173 million. XVG ranks 41st on coinmarketcap.com and it has had close to USD 3.6 million worth of trades within the last 24 hours.