Here’s a list everyone would like to see: most profitable & unprofitable ICOs $TEL

Crypto researcher at The Block, Steven Zheng, compiled a list of 300 ICOs and rated them based on the returns they made. His record mentions each factor of interest: the amounts they raised and when, token price, current price, and returns. Pro tip: bookmark this list.

This article will only mention some of the most important and well-known ICOs, but Zheng shared the full list for free in the tweet below.

Highest ROI Initial Coin Offerings

0-10% RETURN: Telcoin, Bread, Kyber Network, Civic, Lympo, AdToken

A pleasant surprise: Lympo was only launched in February 2018 and is making profits. Telcoin and Kyber Network have both been launched in December 2017 and managed to last well during 2018’s bear market. It is regrettable that other coins launched in 2016, such as FirstBlood and Lykke did not manage to make more than 10%, although the market bloomed during 2017.

10-50% RETURN: Golos, Hive Project, Naga Group, Mainframe, Power Ledger, Enjin Coin, Lunyr

It’s nice to hear familiar names on the winning side, especially when four of them have only been launched a few months ago. TomoChain, Metronome, Mainframe, and Credits have all been launched in 2018.

50-100% RETURN: Tokenomy, CyberMiles, Decentraland, Pundi X, Substratum

Many expected Pundi X (only launched in January 2018!) to do well and it seems that it lives up to the expectations. So does Substratum with a beautiful and round 100.00% ROI. Some of these projects raised gradually this year; others noted sudden spikes and remained up afterwards. But brace yourself for the next one:

>100% RETURNS: Matrix, Wagerr, Tezos, Wanchain, Iconomi, Aeternity, Dragonchain, Basic Attention Token, EOS, Dent, ICON, Omise GO, Zilliqa, Populous, 0x, Golem, Augur, Storj-x, Lisk, Ark, NEO.

Overwhelmed? This excludes the Top 3 most profitable. Yes, many of these are well known to traders, but tens of less known projects also managed to make 100%, some of them in very short amounts of time. Zilliqa is probably the star of this ranking: it made no less than 1033.33% (or 10x) and its ICO has only been completed in January 2018. Komodo also catches attention: following its November 2017 ICO it currently 45x up (4581.82%) since then.


3. Stratis’ ICO was completed in July 2016 and STRAT tokens were sold for less than one cent ($0.007). On September 11, the price of STRAT tokens was approximated at $1.36, or a stunning 19371.43% ROI since 2016.

2. Spectrecoin is probably the most unexpected appearance. XSPEC has not even made Coin Market Cap’s Top 100, and yet is the second most profitable coin ever, it seems. XSPEC tokens were sold for $0.001 in January 2017 and are currently traded at $0.22 at the time of writing. Its returns amount to a staggering 24400.00% according to Zheng’s calculations.

Ethereum. No, number 1 doesn’t bring as much of a surprise but it’s still fascinating: ETH remains the most productive cryptocurrency even after touching its lowest of the year. Calculated at $185.52 as of September 11, the returns brought by Ethereum are more than double to those brought by Spectrecoin: 59552.73%. On the other hand, the coin is currently celebrating four years of existence, which can partly explain the price.

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