Connecty ICO Releases World’s First AI-based Search Engine for Research

AI keyboard

For an ICO that is still in its pre-sale period, the team behind Connecty have taken the unusual step of releasing the first iteration of its Alpha platform. It appears to be a rare example of an ICO whose product is running ahead of its own roadmap.

One of a relatively small number of French projects on the ICO scene, its core proposal is to create what it describes as the world’s first AI-based search engine for research content.

“Innovation Bridge”

“Innovation generally requires some kind of bridge to facilitate communication between research houses and private enterprise,” states Philippe Chometton, CCO of Connecty. “And historically that bridge has been littered with obstacles – not least because business jargon and research jargon are generally worlds apart. We are creating an AI engine that will address that gap and clear away that litter.”

With 30,000 French research houses already on its books, the platform’s developers have been leveraging some of the latest breakthroughs in machine learning to build a series of self-updating matching algorithms. That learning is itself based, in part, on patterns of user behaviour observed over historic searches in order to improve results of current searches.  

Connecty is expected to finalise the details of its ICO public main sale over the coming weeks. 

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