London Block Exchange Lists Nano/GBP Pairing Via Treasure Hunt $NANO

London Block Exchange adds Nano fiat trading pairLondon Block Exchange, one of the United Kingdom’s most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, has officially added a NANO fiat pairing. This makes the London Block Exchange the only exchange to allow UK users to exchange Nano with GBP. Users can also trade fiat with BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and ZRX— which was added on May 17.

Bringing Nano to the masses

While it does not have the same influence as giants such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Nano does have a huge following and social presence. It initially gained notoriety when it rose from $2.00 to $14.00 in the space of just twelve days during the 2017 bull market. Since then, it has branded itself around the fact that it is arguably more futureproof than other blockchain projects. This is because Nano, like IOTA, is a block-lattice, meaning that it is merely inspired by blockchain technology. It is also referred to as a DAG.

Since December 2017, Nano has been a highly sought after coin which has gained a significant amount of media attention. However, it still does not have many fiat pairings. This is why London Block Exchange’s choice to add it is such huge news. It is generally believed that for the industry to move beyond that of Bitcoin, altcoins will need to receive their own fiat pairs too.

London Block Exchange treasure hunt

To celebrate the arrival of the Nano/GBP pairing, London Block Exchange has devised a treasure hunt. The exchange has pre-loaded £5000 worth of Nano onto a Ledger Nano S, which can only be accessed with a particular password, found at a secret location in London. Their blog site states that “Clues have been deliberately constructed to have hidden/double meanings and every riddle has been carefully designed to become progressively easier to solve.” To claim the prize, users must write down the correct password onto a piece of paper, take a photograph with it, and send it to the London Block Exchange Twitter account.

The first clue reads as follows:

Enter the dragon, ten corners his lair
where 18th century stories are told
of traders and drinking,
of silver, of gold,
the riches in Nano are what you’ll find there.

The second clue, released on August 10, reads:

Head East from the beast that bears different form
to the nine of its siblings in circular track.
This journey will take you from cold towards warm,
an indelible scripture,
a linguistic picture;
Go 17 forward and then look 4 back

The idea behind these clues is to bring a level of intrigue to the world of cryptography. Users on the Nano Subreddit have been pooling their resources and ideas together to try and crack the codes. It is unclear how long it will take before all five of the clues are released, as they are not being published on a daily basis, but considering how the clues supposedly get easier, it is possible for the password to be found before the fifth reveal.

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