Komodo (KMD) General Manager Talks Partnerships, Recent Success, and Exposure

Ben Fairbank, the general manager of Komodo (KMD), took the time to participate in a Reddit AMA yesterday in which he gave new information about the platform’s current status and future plans.

Komodo is a blockchain that provides a ZCash-based privacy coin, which is mined with a unique “delayed proof-of-work” consensus mechanism. Komodo also serves as a platform for the development of independent blockchains and offers a decentralized exchange.

The platform is becoming increasingly noteworthy—in fact, it just broke into #3 on China’s blockchain index.

Komodo (KMD) Gaining Exposure

The AMA comes hot on the heels of Komodo’s recent success in Asia. The moderator had this to say:

“The last three months have been about starting to expand our footprint in Asia and making sure we have traction in what is one of the fastest growing crypto regions…the thirst for knowledge of decentralisation in the region is overwhelming.”

Yet exposure is a challenge that Komodo is continuously facing. Although Komodo’s recent success in the Asian market is providing more exposure than before, Fairbank still sees publicity as a challenge.

“I think the biggest [challenge] has always been explaining what Komodo is,” said Fairbank. “It is often hard, to find a simple way, to explain a platform that can do so much.”

He also took an even-handed position on the balance between market value and project quality. Fairbank said that he and the team “rarely speak of price”. He explained that he and the team are more focused on the goals of the project, but admitted that he had ambitions in terms of Komodo’s value (KMD) as well.

“I would be disappointed (again, my view only) if this project didn’t achieve top 10 status at some point. For me this is a visualization I think can be a reality.”

Komodo has been working hard to increase its visibility over the past few weeks: Fairbank appeared at Block Hedge in Bangkok last week, and Komodo’s anonymous founder was interviewed by crypto musician Naomi Brockwell days ago.

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Partnerships Are Key

Fairbank put an emphasis on partnerships, explaining that because Komodo is a decentralized project with a small team, it needs quite a lot of assistance, but also must let the core team retain control of the project:

“As a decentralized project, we need a number of people assisting us with everyday tasks … Many people who wish to use the technology need some sort of help in one way or another. What we have to be mindful is the long term goals of Komodo are still achieved. So we need the core team to focus on what is important and in delivering to our promises.”

Fairbank explained that Komodo has formed official partnership involving legal agreements, as well as other partnerships that involve resource sharing. He also stressed a need for user testing and invited community members to give feedback: “We aren’t ring-fenced and an exclusive club.”

The moderator also outlined the partnerships that Komodo has sought over recent months, noting that the team “engaged with every exchange, wallet service, payment provider and network [they] could.” They noted that this is difficult in an “increasingly competitive landscape” and required effective time management.

Fairbank himself then hinted at listings on major exchanges. He did not disclose which exchanges those were, but, in any case, Komodo will likely be more widely available in the near future.