Blogger Reveals Working VeChain NFC Chip Pictures with Tamper Proof Label $VEN


How boring would the world be without leaks? We have recently spotted a recent blog post about the new VeChain NFC Chip with pictures and all. While not an official announcement, this is relevant news., the blogger, is not affiliated with VeChain.

The Blog Post

The blog post created by, a blogger from the Netherlands, has shown many pictures of the new NFC chip. It is very small, being smaller than a hand. Its color was brown with yellow letters.

According to the blogger, the chip that he was able to hold was official and he saw it working with the app on a smartphone, but this is not yet the final version of the product, so it might have some changes until the final version goes to the market.

The blogger has also affirmed that this is the larger variant of the product and that there is a smaller version about 1 to 1,5 inch wide in a circular form with only a blue V logo. He has also said that the labels are tamper proof and that you can stick them but it will be impossible to take them off without breaking them, which was made for security reasons.

People Comment On Reddit

Someone created a post on r/VeChain to show off this new discovery. Most of the users seemed hyped about the new technology.

This is it guys: Pictures of a WORKING official VeChain NFC chip on a tamper proof label from Vechain

The top comment by upvotes was “woah”, but some people were more elaborate on how they felt, including “take my money now” and lengthier answers about how the design of the chip looked sleek, professional and asking for more information about the product.

If we would take the reaction of Reddit as an indicator, it looks like this new chip will be a success.