IOTA [MIOTA] Trinity wallet summertime updates and upgrades list $MIOTA

IOTA [MIOTA], one of the top cryptocurrency had announced the release of their much awaited ‘Trinity Mobile Beta’ in May. The release of its developmental exercises has led to a relief amongst IOTA holders. The upgrade of Trinity wallet is out, while IOTA is still handling its previously speculated system bugs.

‘Trinity Mobile’ is currently in public beta testing. There are over 20,000 users worldwide using the app. IOTA is approaching a bug-free environment as the Trinity Mobile team has introduced new features and has worked on the general performance of the app.

Beta is a valuable period for application advancement. It keeps an application from contacting a more extensive crowd and may limit a level of certainty and confidence of its users.

Appropriately, the goal of the Trinity wallet team is to guarantee that application is generation prepared before its full discharge. This is one of the major reasons why the team at IOTA’s have sent a list out for its users to read and acknowledge the upcoming updates of Trinity on mobiles and Desktops.

The list of updates for ‘Trinity Mobile Wallet’ which need to be met with before the final release:

  • Snapshot transition
  • Storing transaction trytes locally
  • Receive page
  • Performance — Proof of Work
  • Node Quorum
  • Seedback Options
  • SeedVault
  • Password protected QR code
  • Password strength requirements
  • Nice-to-have features
  • Background Processes
  • Dealing with funds at spent addresses
  • Password manager integration for iOS
  • Deep-linking
  • Custom Keyboard

The list of updates for ‘Trinity Desktop’ wallet are as follows:

  • Feature-complete against Trinity Mobile
  • SeedVault
  • Additional security improvements

As observed universally, the final 10% takes much longer than the preceding 90%. IOTA is fixing the bugs identified by alpha testers. In addition to any remaining bugs, other peripheral tasks are yet to be completed. In-app updates, UX/UI improvements, codebase documentation and continuous integration setup are the few upgrades IOTA is currently working on.

IOTA has also hinted a Ledger NANO integration in the upcoming days.