NEM (XEM) will be seen in first positions in next bullish wave $XEM

NEM (XEM) will be seen in the first positions in the next bullish wave – Pedro Gutierrez 17117

NEM (XEM) foundation’s Head of NEM Latin America, Pedro Gutirrez said the cryptocurrency will be seen in the first positions. Gutirrez in an interview with CrypotoComes said the next bullish wave will see NEM performing well. He also spoke about the Blockchain company’s strengths and its competition with Ethereum. Gutirrez also elaborated on doing business in one of the most promising regions in the world in his interview.

In other news, a group of Venezuelan engineers working with ISARQ compiled, installed and implemented NEM Blockchain’s new version, CATAPULT. Before being chosen as the Latam Head for NEM, Pedro Gutirrez was working with SynergyCriptoAdviser, a company that he founded. His company offered services in cryptocurrency consulting and training. Since becoming the Latam head for NEM in 2018, he works on publicizing Blockchain technology and NEM’s uses across various sectors. This includes industry, commerce, education institutions and government in Latin America and Spain

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According to Gutirrez, they have opened in 12 countries in just 5 months since they started operating in the area. He adds that the XEM communities in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia are actively growing. He states that Ethereum and Hyperledger are their biggest competitors in the region. Speaking about the regulatory climate in Latin America, he says it’s very imprecise, but it differs in each country.

Gutirrez says a few countries like Mexico have taken the step to approve fintech law. This will enable using certain cryptocurrencies in the country legally. Columbia was another example he quoted. The president-elect mentioned that technologies like Blockchain would be used for the next 4 years to prevent tax evasion. He said,

“I believe that these steps, although small considering the size of the ecosystem, are just the beginning of a great technological revolution in Latin American countries that strive for more transparency.”

When asked which Latin American industries have shown specific interest in NEM he said it’s mostly governments and universities. According to him they’re currently working towards conceptualization of the use cases in different areas for both in different countries. He further adds,

“We have the full confidence that at present the blockchain of NEM has the best performance in the market, guaranteeing over time its greater participation in the Latin American market.”

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Speaking about Ethereum and XEM’s competition, he said,

I think it’s important to bear in mind that the only competition that Ethereum brings to NEM is up to the Ether’s bigger popularity for this moment.  If you compare NEM in terms of technology as a third generation Blockchain you can not only make smart contracts, but you can do them out of the chain allowing updates of the same without having to start from scratch.”

When asked about XEM’s dropping from the top 15 and if it’ll jump back again, he was very positive. He thinks that XEM will surely be seen the first positions in the next bullish wave in the market. He says,

“we must bear in mind that the market in general is down and all the token have decreased their capital.”

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