Cardano (ADA) Roadmap Update Will Propel It To The Moon $ADA

New releases and updates, for some cryptocurrencies have been the defining factors. Cardano (ADA) released an update to its 2018 roadmap, showcasing some incredible projects it looks to accomplish.

Cardano Walks Towards Decentralization

With decentralization now becoming a key feature for success in the crypto space, Cardano is working towards progressing from its current centralized phase; the Byron Phase, into a more decentralized phase; the Shelly Phase.

Starting around Q3, Cardano is expected to begin testing its decentralized features through community participation on testnet. Before the end of 2018, we would be looking to see a whole new decentralized Cardano Network.

Paper Wallets to Take Things to the Next Level

Another interesting new project found on the new Cardano roadmap is an update to the Paper Wallet. When Paper Wallets are introduced on Cardano, it will provide users with a more protected offline cold storage of ADA coins.

This cool new feature will also enable users in sending, receiving, and keeping their ADA coins offline for long-terms. Printable certificates with wallet addresses will help users continue to send money to their offline wallets. Current progress report of the Paper wallet is at 33%.

IELE Virtual Machine VI

The IELE, is a virtual machine will be built with a universal language framework for translating and executing smart contracts on Cardano. Current production progress of the IELE projected is at 50%. The Philosophy behind the IELE is “there are no limitations, and you pay for what you consume”.

Up Next, Linux!

With Windows and Mac being the two largest OS platforms on computers, the Linux OS was left out of the initial Daedalus release. No more, the Cardano Team has announced a Beta version release for Linux OS. Public Beta testing for the Daedalus Wallet on Linux is currently ongoing and open to the entire Cardano community.

In the Windows and Mac Daedalus software, there is an option available for fetching updates, that feature is currently missing in the Linux version, and future versions would have to be installed manually. You can get the Daedalus Wallet for Linux here.

Price and Status of Cardano (ADA)

Cardano has not been spared from the major depression the crypto market is witnessing. Cardano which traded at above $1 in the early days of 2018, experienced a major downtrend, closing Q1 with a value of $0.14.

As at the time of this writing, Cardano is up by 3% which puts its trade price at $0.15. Cardano also shed most of its market cap during Q1, opening Q1 with well over $18 Billion, and closing it with an estimated $4 Billion. Cardano is currently ranked 7th with a $3.9 Billion USD market cap.

Is an Investment in Cardano (ADA) Worth it?

At the moment, Cardano coin (ADA) may be trading at $0.15 apiece, by if Cardano hits the right buttons with its many updates and releases planned for Q2 and Q3 of 2018, it won’t be surprising to see the ADA take a leap to the moon before the fall of 2018. Cardano may just be the next jackpot for investors.

So, will these new projects draw up a better path for Cardano (ADA)?

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