Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) Officially Launches Lympo (LYM)

Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX)  Officially Launches Lympo (LYM) 14625

Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) announced today Lympo (LYM) would be launched on its platform. Deposits for LYM will be available from 16:00 June 13, 2018 (GMT+8). LYM/BTC, LYM/ETH trading would be open on Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange from 16:00 June 14, 2018 (GMT+8). Withdrawals will be available from 16:00 June 15, 2018 (GMT+8).

Huobi Pro launched Odyssey OCN/USDT trading pair at 18:00 on June 13, 2018 (GMT +8).

The announcement by Huobi reads,”During 18:00, June 13 to 18:00,June 20 (GMT+8)๏ผŒsuccessful registration and verified users whose OCN trading volume rank TOP20(Buying + Selling volume without executed volume with ownself) will receive the following awards:

TOP1 1200000 OCN
TOP2-3 800000 OCN
TOP4-10 500000 OCN
TOP11-20 300000 OCN

Rewards For OCN Loyal Users:
Randomly airdrop Odyssey OCN rewards to some OCN trading users who have traded OCN before 18:00, June 13(GMT+8), 700000 OCN in total to giveaway! “

On 11th June, Huobi Proย announcedย today that it would offer to support the ONT token swap, and will launch the swap channel at the same time.

Huobi is making all the right moves to get prominence in cryptocurrency exchanges space. Huobi being worldโ€™s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange, started a new virtual currency marketplace in the US through a new entity called HBUS. HBUS has launched its office in San Francisco. Huobi states that it hopes to get more customer onboard thanks to its user-friendly interface and a wide array of cryptocurrencies. According to the press release, Huobi’s US arm, HBUS, plans to grow โ€œaggressively,โ€ forging alliances and partnerships with blockchain projects and offering discounts and giveaways to new customers.

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