The Real Reason for Its Bounce Back? $XLM

With the recent trends in the cryptomarket, Stellar (XLM) seems to be gaining traction. On April 29th, Stellar (XLM) traded at $0.45 while on May 11th it traded at $0.31. Currently, there seems to be a more promising return for the currency. Stellar (XLM) picked up the pace and was on the path to recovery, arriving safely back in the green zone by May 13. Stellar (XLM) is now on an upward trajectory and is currently trading at $0.33. But there seem to be some factors pushing it forward to an apex.

Recent Listings

OKEx exchange-listed Stellar (XLM) among the December 2017 trading pairs. It has been a great influence on the investors and also crypto-enthusiasts. It was reported that after the listing, about $1.4 million was exchanged between Stellar (XLM) and other major cryptocurrencies.

Recent Partnerships

IBM(NYSE: IBM), a giant technology company recently partnered with Stellar (XLM) and developed a platform that was used for cross-border transfers with around 7 unique currencies from the South Pacific, including Australian and New Zealand dollars.

Recent Developments

Recently, Kin (KIN) foundation announced a decision to fork from the Stellar (XLM) blockchain due to scalability issues and develop two parallel blockchain solutions involving Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar (XLM). According to Kik Messenger, the addition of  Stellar (XLM) as a second blockchain will allow us to operate the Kin Ecosystem on a faster, more efficient foundation, with low transaction fees to achieve the speed and scalability that digital services in the ecosystem will require.

Moreso, a Malaysian-based Pundi X is a Point-of-Sale (POS) solution platform is still in the early phases but seems to be an influential reason for the positive buzz surrounding Stellar (XLM) right now.

These factors have really played a positive role in Stellar (XLM) bouncing back to green after a general pullback experienced by most coins.

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