TRON (TRX) Keep The Good News Coming, Next Target Coinbase? $TRX

TRON (TRX) has its community excited and looking forward to the great future thanks to a continuous flow of good news. Since the beginning of March, TRX has pretty been a mainstay of cryptocurrency news and today it’s trending once more. According to TRON founder Justin Sun, the crypto has been listed on Malaysian Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbene. TRX/USDT will now be available for the trading on the exchange, the first such site to offer TRX/USDT pairings.

This is Sun’s tweet on his official Twitter page:

TRX/USDT trading is set to go live at 14:00 (UTC+8) today. The same message was retweeted by the TRON Foundation, signaling that the platform is indeed getting ready to claim a spot among the top cryptocurrencies on the market.

Being listed on Coinbene gives TRX an avenue to penetrate a new market in a country that is likely to have a bigger base for new supporters. What it means for TRON is that it has an opportunity to expand its reach, increasing visibility ahead of its mainnet and migration from the Ethereum network.

Justin himself affirmed this feeling when he followed up the Coinbene message with more on where he sees the crypto in the future.

TRON is on the way back to the top

According to TRON’s CEO, the belief is that TRX will soon be in the top 10 on the market. It is a statement that is a reference to the brief stay the coin had in the top 10 rankings. The feat was achieved in the run-up to its Testnet launch at the back end of March. By then, TRX had rallied, defying the bearish market trend to storm the top ten rankings, on the back of a strong push from the community. Now with the mainnet approaching and more sites listing it, the hardworking Sun believes it is destined to end up back in the top ten.

He also referred to the ranking done by TokenInsight and CryptoMiso, two sites that have placed TRON at the top based on the activity ratings of its team. according to Sun, who never shies away from seizing any given opportunity to market his project, being ranked top on such sights is a vindication of how focused they are at delivering his vision of a decentralized web.

He tweeted on the subject after the Coinbene message saying:

The community may have the same sentiment too. Only that it does feel TRX needs one more listing to truly begin to conquer crypto sphere. The missing piece of the puzzle to many is Coinbase, seemingly a “holy grail” in crypto trading sites.

Reacting to the news about the Malaysian site, some of TRON’s supporters had the following to say:

“Wait a Sec!! It took me 9 Minutes to realize it’s COINBENE Not @coinbase !!!! I’m really shocked”

And another one said:

“Coinbase next, and then the MOON!!! Why not $100 then? I can only assume that CB has its eye on TRONI! HODL”

Judging by these reactions from the community, it appears conviction is that this is only the beginning of TRON’s dominance.

Even though many supporters may have mistaken coinbene for Coinbase at first sight, the consensus is that it is a sign of what is to come. If Coinbase ever takes note of this enthusiasm and relents is a matter of “let’s wait and see.” At the moment, TRX will continue to rely on volumes traded on sites like Upbit and Bittrex, and Huobi.

Meantime, TRON (TRX) is preparing for the launch of its Mainnet at the end of May and the election of its Super Representatives in June. On the issue of the upcoming migration from ERC-20 status to its own network, the CEO has assured its community that everything will be done right and that there will be no issues. He earlier on informed the community on when it would happen and what they need to do. The migration will be conducted between June 23rd and 24th and TRX holders should find out what they should do to avoid losing their coins during the migration.

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