How A Global Education Platform Is Adopting Blockchain

Education continues far beyond high school or college. Since 1993, Success Resources has offered its customers access to seminars, workshops, and a variety of other educational resources geared towards adults. They have now established themselves as one of the leading providers of professional and personal development tools, enabling millions of people in 35 countries to improve themselves beyond classroom settings.

What kinds of tools have they offered in the past?

The public internet that the world is familiar with today arguably didn’t come into being until the 2000s. For over 20 years, though, Success Resources has been offering development programs such as Millionaire Mind Intensive and Unleash the Power Within. The former consists of seminars, courses, and camps that helps participants identify and triumph over obstacles impeding their ability to maximize their potential (some of the camps are now world-famous, such as the Enlightened Warrior Training Camp).

The latter program is under the management of Tony Robbins, who has been helping people build better lives for themselves for even longer than Millionaire Mind Intensive has been around. Tony knows the ins and outs of self-improvement, so he shares his wisdom regarding finances, relationships, and careers with willing ears.

Taking advantage of the web

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way people share and access information. The first version of the Internet, retrospectively known as Web 1.0, hosted only a few websites that were meant for observation rather than participation (it was also frustratingly slow—remember when making phone calls required someone else to not use the computer?).

Web 2.0 is the modern Internet, which is faster and far more interactive: social media allows people to communicate with one another across large distances and post updates of their lives, while it has also become much easier for anyone to publish content. The United Nations estimates that Internet users in 2000 totaled 738 million, leaping all the way to 3.2 billion in 2015. As more find their way online, Success Resources has adapted, offering a great deal of content through the Internet to reach a wider audience.

However, there is an extraordinary amount of data circulating Web 2.0, and it’s not as secure as people would like to believe. Purchasing habits and browsing history is available for many companies to see, and some of the biggest companies hoard this data in centralized servers. Web 3.0 is finally emerging, and is a better mix of its two predecessors: still interactive and accessible, but also decentralized and more secure. Success Resources is at the forefront of this new Internet incarnation, though, and is prepared to offer its timeless services in an unprecedented fashion.

SuccessLife: making self-improvement guidance open to all

Books, classes, coaching, and other materials can be expensive, and Success Resources knows—despite how many people they have already reached—that seminars and conferences are not exactly viable options for everyone. With the current economic climate, fewer people can find the time for self-improvement, and the travel and associating costs for workshops is a lot to ask. To make professional and personal development available to as many people as possible, Success Resources founded a new company known as SuccessLife.

SuccessLife is an online platform that seeks to be “the world’s leading digital marketplace for premium and professional development and educational content, the world’s largest global online and offline community for entrepreneurs or individuals seeking inspiration, motivation, or well-being,” according to its white paper.

All of the conferences Success Resources offers? Now online, thanks to live streaming, so people can watch speakers from the comfort of their living rooms. Coaching? Workshop assignments? Webinars? Videos? All of that is available on SuccessLife’s platform, too.

How the platform works

SuccessLife is blockchain-based, the technology behind cryptocurrencies. Blockchain creates a transparent public ledger, so anyone who makes a transaction over its system can see their immutable histories. Blockchain is also decentralized—meaning information is kept on a peer-to-peer network rather than one place, which deters hackers and keeps information safe from natural disasters—so no individual entity can gain too much control over the system and exploit other users.

SuccessLife utilizes a personal cryptocurrency known as SuccessLife Tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase materials from the SuccessLife library and make exchanges with other participants, who are also welcome to share their self-improvement wisdom over the platform. One day, SuccessLife hopes to have all of the world’s professional and personal development resources available in one online place, making them available to anyone with Internet access (which is a growing number). By using a cryptocurrency intended to be an all-purpose currency for said resources, self-improvement tools will be more available than ever.

People may still be nervous about the one-stop shop idea. If SuccessLife has all the resources, doesn’t the company get to decide who gets to continue their educations? No, because that is one of blockchain’s purposes. Information will be available on the platform, but information will still belong to original sources thanks to blockchain’s decentralization and transparency—everyone will be able to see where everything else comes from and authenticate it.

Corporations are being pressured to upgrade their training policies and programs. More educated and self-actualized employees means better businesses and work-life balances, which are crucial to healthy societies. SuccessLife brings education to its users—secure, transparent, and best of all, accessible.

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